Lygistorrhina cincticornis


Male. Head  black. Ocelli distinct and placed  on a rather prominent tubercle, middle one small. Eyes  large,  in contact with the lateral ocelli. Front not sunken as it is in the American species. Antennae yellow, except segments 5-6 and 10- 16, which are blackish; flageller segments as long as broad, except  the last (16th), which is nearly three  times as long. Proboscis ochreous.
Thorax brownish ochreous, pleurae with dark brown markings. Abdomen dark brown, segments 2-6 each with a narrow basal ring, hypopygium yellowish.
Legs with the coxae dark brown, the front pair  ochreous at the base; trochanters brownish; femora ochreous, narrowly dark at the base, the hind pair with the apical half black; tibia ochreous, the hind with the tips broadly black; front and middle tarsi brownish, hind tarsi black; first segment of front tarsi nearly twice as long as the tibia.
Wings yellowish-tinged, with a brown pattern. Halteres  yellow. 


Length of body 7.5 mm; wing 4 mm; proboscis 2.5 mm

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