SCIAROIDEA_L mailing list launched

A new resource, the Sciaroidea_L listserv, has just been created in order to facilitate communication between Sciaroidea workers. This is an email listserv which forwards any messages sent to the listserv address ( to all registered members of the listserv.

The Sciaroidea_L listserv was started as an addition to Fungus Gnats Online ( in order to promote discussion and communication about all things sciaroid. This includes everything from systematics to natural history, field trips to behavioural observations, and questions to stories. It will also help in the exchange of specimens within the community.

If you are interested in joining the list send an email to with SUBSCRIBE SCIAROIDEA_L <your name> in the body of the email (where 'your name' is replaced with the subscriber’s first and last name). To make further modifications to your subscription see the list of basic commands below.

Do be aware that when you hit reply to an email sent from Sciaroidea_L your reply will go to the entire list not just the person who wrote the initial email.

Please feel free to use the list to ask questions, make comments, share papers, request input, start collaborations, or tell interesting tales as we work together to explore and unravel the wonderful world of our favourite insects!

Best wishes
Chris Borkent (list administrator)
Vladimir Blagoderov
Björn Rulik

Short user guide for SCIAROIDEA_L

To post messages to the Sciaroidea_L listserv send them to

Table of commands to send to LISTSERV@LISTS.MCGILL.CA (in the body of the email) to modify yoursubscription settings.

Command Effect
SUBSCRIBE SCIAROIDEA_L <your name> Join the list
SET SCIAROIDEA_L REPRO LISTSERV will send you a copy of your own messages
SET SCIAROIDEA_L ACK NOREPRO LISTSERV will mail you a short acknowledgement that your message was sent, instead of a copy
SET SCIAROIDEA_L NOACK NOREPRO Turn off acknowledgements completely (default setting when you sign up)
INFO REFCARD Retrieves the LISTSERV reference card which lists more information on LISTSERV commands.

If you experience problems with these commands contact Chris Borkent ( for further instructions and help.

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