Rymosia balachowskyi Matile, 1969

General description: 

            Rymosia balachowskyi   Matile, 1969: 246, fig. 6

This small species was described based on a single male collected in Iran and has to my knowledge not been reported again. Original illustrations indicate very lose relationship to Rymosia bifida from which it at best can be segregated by the more slender and curved median branch of the gonostylus. Matile (1969) did not relate it to Rymosia bifida but rather suggested close relationship to Rymosia signatipes and Rymosia setiger. The holotype has been examined but the terminalia (stored in glycerine in a microvial) was unfortunately found to be fragmented and extremely paled, the gonostyles were searched for in vain. The rest of the holotype is pinned and in good condition and closely resembles Rymosia bifida. Synonymy with Rymosia bifida cannot be excluded.

Specimens examined: IRAN: Assalem (Forét), 32°25'40"N, 053°41'17"E, 3 Jul 1965 (Leg: L. Matile) — holotype male (MNHN, JKJ-SPM-011659).

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