Catalogue of Neotropical Diptera. Mycetophilidae.

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2014
Authors:Oliveira, S.Siqueira
Secondary Authors:Amorim, Dde Souza
Journal:Neotropical Diptera
Start Page:1
Date Published:31.Oct.2014

The catalogue of the Mycetophilidae of the Neotropical region is updated. The region now has records of 1145
species in 54 genera of the family. Syntemna laticornis Enderlein is transferred to genus Dziedzickia Johannsen, while
Aphelomera armata Freeman, A. cristata Freeman, A. inermis Freeman, and A. subcompleta Edwards are transferred to
Neoaphelomera Miller. Dziedzickia coheri Lane is proposed to be a subjective junior synonym of D. laticornis (Enderlein).
Coelosia neotropica Lane, previously placed in Coelophthinia, is reinstated in the genus Coelosia, while Mycetophila
macula Enderlein, that had been transferred to Epicypta, is reinstated in the genus Mycetophila. Specifi c status is given
to Tetragoneura minor Enderlein and to Mycomya dorsimacula Enderlein. A new name, Neoempheria kerteszi Oliveira
& Amorim, is given to Neoempheria apicalis Kertész, which is preoccupied. Freemanomyia elongata (Freeman), from
Chile, is kept in the catalogue, though it is questionably a Mycetophilidae species. Information on the gender, status, and
depositing institution of the types is included for all species whenever available. Comments are added to cases in which
there is relevant new taxonomic information.

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