Tarnania phylogeny

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<p>Most parsimonious hypothesis for relationship between Tarnania Tuomikoski species, and their relationship to other genera in the RymosiaWinnertz s. lat. genus group. The number of extra steps needed to break up the monophyly of a clade (the decay index or Bremer support) is given above and bootstrap values (above 50% of 1000 replicates) is given below the corresponding branch. Studied taxa in the Rymosia s. lat. genus group are: Allodiopsis domestica (Meigen, 1830), Myrosia maculosa (Meigen, 1818), Notolopha cristata (Staeger, 1840), Pseudorymosia fovea (Dziedzicki, 1910), Rymosia affinis Winnertz, 1863, and Synplasta karelica Zaitzev, 1993. Outgroup taxa are: Speolepta leptogaster (Winnertz, 1863) (Sciophilini) and Dynatosoma norwegiense Zaitzev &amp; Økland, 1994 (Mycetophilini). Abbreviations: L = tree length; CI = consistency index; RI = retention index; TBS = Total Bremer Support.</p>

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