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<p>Morphology of Tarnania Tuomikoski [A, B &amp; D = T. fenestralis (Meigen, 1818), C = T. dziedzickii (Edwards,</p>
<p>1941)]. <strong>– A</strong>: Habitus, lateral view. <strong>– B</strong>: Wing. <strong>– C</strong>: Metapleuron, lateral view <strong>– D</strong>: Hind tibia, posterior view.</p>
<p>Abbreviations: A = distance between base of the distal median plate to the branching of media; A<span>1 </span>= anterior anal</p>
<p>vein; A<span>2 </span>= posterior anal vein; ap comb = apical comb; B = distance between base of the distal median plate to the</p>
<p>branching of CuA; bc = basicosta; C = distance between R<span>1 </span>and R<span>5 </span>termination; CuA<span>1 </span>and CuA<span>2 </span>= anterior branch</p>
<p>of cubitus; Cu-fork = cubital fork; CuP = posterior branch of cubitus; D = distance between R<span>5 </span>and M<span>1 </span>termination;</p>
<p>dmp = distal median plate; E = distance between M<span>1 </span>and M<span>2 </span>termination; F = distance between CuA<span>1 </span>and CuA<span>2 </span>termination;</p>
<p>h = humeral; hlt base = base of halter; M<span>1 </span>and M<span>2 </span>= branches of media; M-fork = medial fork; mtepm =</p>
<p>metepimeron; mtepst = metepisternum; mtnt = metanotum; p seta = posterior setae; p spr = posterior spiracle; pv seta</p>
<p>= posteroventral setae; R = radius, R<span>1 </span>= anterior branch of radius; R<span>5 </span>= posterior branch of radius; Rs = radial sector;</p>
<p>sc = subcosta; sens camp = campaniform sensilla; ta = anterior transversal (= crossvein rm); tb = basal transversal.</p><p>(Fig. 2 of Kjærandsen 2006)</p>

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