Diptera collected in East Yorkshire

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1927
Authors:Cheetham, C.A.
Journal:Naturalist. London

"The following notes were made on a long weekend spent with Mr. F.Edwards. We met at Selby on July 2nd, and spent an hour or two at the crossroads on the Wistow, Bishopwood Road...Next day, on Skipwith Common, we found...Others identified by Mr. Edwards are: Exechia contaminata Winn....Our stopping place was Gormire...Ttrichosia hirtipennis Ztt., Mycetophila vittipes Ztt., Platyura fasciata Ltr., Macrocera phalerata Mg., M. annulata Mg., M. centralis Mg., Diadocidia ferruginosa Mg...in one spot in Crag Wood, Rawdon, a damp spot under a thick tangle of brambles and other bushes...Mr Edwards collected...Bolitophila tenella Winn."

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