Spolia Mentawiensia: Diptera Nematocera.

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1932
Authors:Edwards, F.Wallace
Journal:Bulletin of the Raffles Museum

The collection reported upon below was sent to me for determination by the Director of the Buitenzorg Museum having been obtained by Messrs. H.H.Karny, C.Boden Kloss and N.Smedley during their visit to the Mentawi Islands in September-Octobar, 1924...Allactoneura cincta de Meijere. Siberut, 1 f. A long series of this species recently received from the Malay Peninsula shows that A. nigrifemorata de Meij. (with all femore completely black and yellow band on fourth abdominal segment incopmlete) is merely the female of A. cincta.

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