Another predatory webspinning fly larva

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1941
Authors:Fulton, B.B.
Journal:Journal of the Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society
Pagination:215 (see p. 186, 190 for

While investigating the life history of the luminous larva, Platyura fultoni Fisher, in the mountain near Glensville, N.C., another webspinning larva was sometimes associated with the luminous species. This larva found very active and made a long, winding web consisting of a single main strand supported by numerous lateral strands. The web was not adhesive but when a very small insect touched it larva would move rapidly to that point and capture the incest by attaching strands of web to it. Insects above a sertain size were not attached. A single adult reared was identified by Dr. Elisabeth Fisher as Neuratelia scitula Johannsen of the family Mycetophilidae

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