New species of the genus Phronia Winnertz (Diptera, Mycetophilidae) from Eastern Fennoscandia and notes on the synonymies in this genus

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1970
Authors:Hackman, W.
Journal:Notulae Entomologicae
Taxonomic name: 
Phronia (Classification), Phronia austriaca (Classification), Phronia aviculata (Classification), Phronia johannae (Classification), Phronia borealis (Classification), Phronia braueri (Classification), Phronia annulata (Classification), Phronia caliginosa (Classification), Phronia senex (Classification), Phronia trivittata (Classification), Phronia conformis (Classification), Mycetophila conformis (Classification), Mycetophila leioides (Classification), Phronia girschneri (Classification), Phronia crassitarsus (Classification), Phronia digitata (Classification), Phronia distincta (Classification), Phronia elegantula (Classification), Phronia flavicollis (Classification), Phronia forcipata (Classification), Phronia uncinata (Classification), Phronia forcipula (Classification), Phronia gracilis (Classification), Phronia humeralis (Classification), Phronia umbricula (Classification), Phronia interstincta (Classification), Phronia decorosa (Classification), Phronia lutescens (Classification), Phronia maculata (Classification), Phronia mutabilis (Classification), Phronia aestivalis (Classification), Phronia nigricornis (Classification), Mycetophila nigricornis (Classification), Phronia dubia (Classification), Phronia nigripalpis (Classification), Phronia palustris (Classification), Phronia nitidiventris (Classification), Mycetophila nitidiventris (Classification), Phronia squalida (Classification), Phronia peculiaris (Classification), Phronia persimilis (Classification), Phronia portschinskyi (Classification), Phronia siebeckii (Classification), Phronia saxatilis (Classification), Phronia sinuata (Classification), Phronia spinigera (Classification), Phronia subsilvatica (Classification), Phronia sudetica (Classification), Phronia semiatrata (Classification), Phronia taczanowskyi (Classification), Phronia detruncata (Classification), Phronia tarsata (Classification), Phronia tiefii (Classification), Phronia marginata (Classification)
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