The genus Manota in Costa Rica (Diptera: Mycetophilidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2005
Authors:Jaschhof, M., Hippa H.
Keywords:Key-to-species, Manota-, Manota- ( Manotidae- ) : Costa-Rica, Manota-acutistylus, Manota-arenalensis, Manota-bihamata, Manota-caribica, Manota-corcovado, Manota-costaricensis, Manota-diversiseta, Manota-eximia, New-record-and-systematics; Manota-acuminata

The genus Manota Williston is shown for the first time to be present in Costa Rica, and is represented there by 27 species, all new to science: acuminata, acutistylus, arenalensis, bihamata, caribica, corcovado, costaricensis, diversiseta, eximia, fraterna, incisa, inornata, intermedia, limonensis, major, montivaga, multisetosa, parva, penicillata, planistylus, rara, rectolobata, rotundistylus, spinosa, squamulata, tapantiensis, and vexillifera. These species are described, illustrated, and keyed using characters of the male terminalia as the only tool for distinguishing closely related species. A lectotype is designated for the type species, Manota defecta Williston, and it is redescribed and the male terminalia illustrated.

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