Some ecological and ethological observations on Hendea myersi cavernicola (Chelicerata: Arachnida: Opiliones), a seeing troglobite

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2001
Authors:Meyer-Rochow, V.Benno, Liddle A.Robert
Journal:Natura Croatica
Accession Number:13802003493
Keywords:Opiliones- : Arachnida-; Arachnids-; Arthropods-; Chelicerates-; Dipterans-True-Flies; Insects-; Invertebrates-

Data on the visual behaviour of Hendea myersi cavernicola (Forster) are provided which demonstrate that this harvestman can see. Since no specimens could be trapped outside the cave and the integument of this species displays a reduction in pigmentation, we have to conclude that we are dealing with a troglobite which not only possesses eyes, but actually uses them.

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