The Sciaroidea (Diptera) (excluding Sciaridae) of New Zealand. II. Genus Brevicornu Marshall

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2002
Authors:Zaitzev, A.I.
Journal:Dipterological Research
Accession Number:13904005879
Keywords:Diptera-, Insecta-; Arthropods-; Dipterans-True-Flies; Insects-; Invertebrates-, Mycetophilidae- : Nematocera-

A review of New Zealand species of the genus Brevicornu Marshall with key to identification is given. Brevicornu marshalli, B. matilei, B. subrufithorax and B. tongariro spp. n. are described. Two new combinations, B. antennatum (Harr.) and B. brunneum (Harr.), are established.

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