The genus Ctenosciara Tuomikoski in China, with descriptions of three new species (Diptera, Sciaridae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2010
Authors:Wu, H., Zhang, S.-J., Huang J.
Keywords:China, Ctenosciara, Diptera, new species, Sciaridae

The taxonomy of the genus Ctenosciara Tuomikoski in China was studied. Six species were recognized, including three new species that are described and illustrated: Ctenosciara mutisetosa Wu & Zhang sp. nov., Ctenosciara pseudoinsolitaWu & Zhang sp. nov., and Ctenosciara xijingensis Wu & Zhang sp. nov. Additionally, Ctenosciara japonica Sutou & Ito, 2003 and Ctenosciara rufulenta (Edwards, 1927) are reported for the first time from China. A key to the Chinese species is also provided.

Refereed Designation:Refereed
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