Swedish records of Mycomya (Mycomya) occultans

Original and used names: Sciophila occultans Winnertz, 1864:719. = Sciophila corcyrensis Lundström, 1912b:515. 

Swedish sources: Mycomya corcyrensis: Hackman et al. 1988:223 [Sweden]; Mycomya (Mycomya) occultans: Chandler (2005) [Sweden]; Mycomya (Mycomya) occultans: Kjærandsen et al. 2007:99 [Doubtful]. 

Remarks: Both Hackman et al. (1988) and Chandler (2005) probably give secondary references to Mycomya corcyrensis as recorded by Plassmann (1979:373), but this record was corrected to Mycomya humida by Väisänen (1984). Hence, there is no confirmed record of M. occultans from Sweden. 

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