Allodia Winnertz from the Himalayas, with nine species new to science (Diptera, Mycetophilidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2019
Authors:Magnussen, T., Søli, G.E.E., Kjærandsen J.
Pagination:119 - 138
Date Published:January-29-2019

An extensive collection of fungus gnats from Nepal and Bhutan, deposited at Kyushu University Museum in Japan, has been examined and revealed nine species of Allodia Winnertz, 1864 new to science: Allodia caligata Magnussen, sp. n., A. dibolia Magnussen, sp. n., A. shimai Magnussen, sp. n., A. spathulata Magnussen, sp. n., A. horologia Magnussen, sp. n., A. himalayensis Magnussen, sp. n., A. nepalensis Magnussen, sp. n., A. thudamensis Magnussen, sp. n., and A. scalprata Magnussen, sp. n. All specimens were collected at high altitudes in the central and eastern Himalayas. The species all belong to the subgenus Allodia s. str. and constitute the first records of the genus Allodia in Nepal and Bhutan. Brevicornu nigrofasciatum (Brunetti, 1912) comb. n., originally described from northern India, is transferred from Allodia based on the original description. A key for the identification of the new species is provided.

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