Four new Neotropical species of Eudicrana Loew (Diptera, Mycetophilidae, Sciophilinae) from the Colombian high Andean ecosystems, with comments on the genus

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2020
Authors:Henao-Sepúlveda, C., Wolff, M., Amorim DdS.
Pagination:129 - 150
Date Published:Jun-11-2020

Four new species of the sciophiline genus Eudicrana Loew are described for the Eastern and Central Andes of Colombia–Eudicrana silvaandina sp. nov., E. chingaza sp. nov., E. maculata sp. nov. and E. merizaldei. These are the first species of Eudicrana described from the extreme northern range of the Andes. The altitudinal distribution of these species in the paramos and high Andean forest ecosystems is restricted to 1750–3660 m a.s.l. and some other information on the environment is briefly discussed. A key for the Colombian species of Eudicrana is provided and a discussion is elaborated on the position of these species within the genus.

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