Corrections and additions to the check list of the fungus gnats in Bulgaria (Diptera : Sciaroidea)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2003
Authors:Bechev, D.N.
Journal:Plovdivski Universitet "Paisij Khilendarski" Nauchni Trudove Biologiya Animalia
Keywords:Azana- ( Jugazana- ) nigricoxa-, Bulgaria-, Checklist-, corrections-and-additions; Allodia- ( Brachycampta- ) westerbolti-, Megophthalmidia- ( Mycetophilidae- ) : Bulgaria-, Megophthalmidia-crassicornis, New-re, Sciaroidea- ( Nematocera- ) : Checklists-

Some corrections to the check list of the fungus gnats in Bulgaria are presented. The species Megophthalmida crassicornis, Allodia (Brachycampta) westerbolti and Azana (Jugazana) nigricoxa are added to it.

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