A.4. Families of Sciaroidea

Publication Type:Book Chapter
Year of Publication:2000
Authors:Søli, G.E.E., Vockeroth, J.R., Matile L.
Editor:Papp, L., Darvas B.
Book Title:Contributions to a manual of Palaearctic Diptera (with special reference to flies of economic importance). Appendix
Pagination:1-604, illustr.
Publisher:Science Herald
ISBN Number:963048840X

DIPTERA-; IDENTIFICATION-GUIDES; Manual, appendix with corrections to volumes 2 ; &; 3; PALAEARCTIC-REGION; Identification manual appendix; Including distribution, biology, systematics ; &; corrections to volumes 2 ; &; 3; * INSECTA-; ** DIPTERA-; *** NEMATOCERA-; Sciaroidea; KEY-TO-FAMILIES; Palaearctic region; Adults, p. 63; Attributable to Soli, Vockeroth ; &; Matile; KEY-TO-GENERA; Palaearctic region; Adults, p. 63; Attributable to Soli, Vockeroth ; &; Matile; **** AXYMYIIDAE-; KEY-TO-GENERA; Palaearctic region; Adults, larvae ; &; pupae separately keyed, p. 38; Attributable to Krivosheina; **** BLEPHARICERIDAE-; KEY-TO-GENERA; Palaearctic region; Adults p. 25, larvae p. 26, pupae p. 27; Attributable to Courtney; **** CHIRONOMIDAE-; KEY-TO-SUBFAMILIES; Palaearctic region; Adult males p. 131, pupae p. 209, larvae p. 265; Attributable to Saether, Ashe ; &; Murray; **** CHIRONOMIDAE-; Bisaiyusurika; Sasa ; &; Kondo; NEW-SYNONYM; Of Hydrobaenus Fries, p. 179; Attributable to Sa

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