Three new species of Diadocidiidae (Diptera) from Papua New Guinea

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2003
Authors:Ševčík, J.
Journal:Entomological Problems
Accession Number:200400243972
Keywords:Animalia-; Diadocidia-cizeki (Diptera-): species-, Arthropoda-, description-; Diadocidia-halopensis (Diptera-): species-, description-; Diadocidia-p, Insecta-, Invertebrata-, new-species, Systematics-and-Taxonomy; [75314-] Diptera-[new-taxon]

Diadocidia (Adidocidia) papua sp.nov., Diadocidia (Diadocidia s. str.) cizeki sp.nov. and Diadocidia (D.) halopensis sp.nov. are described from Madang Province in Papua New Guinea. It is the first record of the family Diadocidiidae from this country and confirmation of the occurrence of this family in the Australasian region.

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