Annual report of the New Jersey State Museum including a report of the insects of New Jersey

Publication Type:Book
Year of Publication:1910
Authors:Smith, J.B.
Number of Pages:888
Taxonomic name: 
Symmerus annulatus (Classification), Ceroplatus clausus (Classification), Asindulum montanum (Classification), Platyura taeniata (Classification), Platyura inops (Classification), Platyura melasoma (Classification), Platyura subterminalis (Classification), Platyura diluta (Classification), Platyura fascipennis (Classification), Platyura mendosa (Classification), Macrocera clara (Classification), Macrocera formosa (Classification), Macrocera hirsuta (Classification), Macrocera inconcinna (Classification), Macrocera nebulosa (Classification), Boletina groenlandica (Classification), Boletina tricincta (Classification), Syntemna polyzona (Classification), Polylepta tibialis (Classification), Docosia dichroa (Classification), Leia bivittata (Classification), Leia opima (Classification), Leia sublunata (Classification), Leia ventralis (Classification), Epicypta pulicaria (Classification), Mycetophila vitrea (Classification), Exechia analis (Classification), Mycetophila punctata (Classification), Mycetophila scalaris (Classification), Mycetophila sigmoides (Classification), Mycetophila discoida (Classification), Mycetophila obscura (Classification), Epicypta punctum (Classification), Trichonta perspicua (Classification), Sciophila littoralis (Classification), Neoempheria balioptera (Classification), Neoempheria didyma (Classification), Neoempheria nepticula (Classification), Acnemia flaveola (Classification), Leptomorphus parvula (Classification), Leptomorphus walkeri (Classification)
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