Xylophilous larvae of the subfamily Sciophilinae (Diptera, Mycetophilidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1979
Authors:Zaitzev, A.I.
Journal:Entomologicheskoye Obozreniye

Sciophilinae; LARVA-; Xylophilous habit, morphology; * INSECTA-; ** DIPTERA-; *** NEMATOCERA-; **** MYCETOPHILIDAE-; Boletina; Staeger 1840; DIAGNOSIS-; Larvae, P. 864; **** MYCETOPHILIDAE-; Boletina ingrica; Stack; DESCRIPTION-; Larva, p. 866; **** MYCETOPHILIDAE-; Ectrepesthoneura; Enderlein 1910; DIAGNOSIS-; Larvae, p. 867; **** MYCETOPHILIDAE-; Leia 1818; Meigen; DIAGNOSIS-; Larvae, p. 866; **** MYCETOPHILIDAE-; Neoempheria; Osten-Sacken 1878; DIAGNOSIS-; Larvae, p. 863; **** MYCETOPHILIDAE-; Sciophila; Meigen 1818; DIAGNOSIS-; Larvae, p. 863; **** MYCETOPHILIDAE-; Sciophilinae; KEY-TO-GENERA; Xylophilous larvae, p. 867; Invertebrates; Arthropods; Insects; Dipterans/True Flies

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