Review of fungus gnats from signata group of the genus Mycetophila Meig. (Diptera, Mycetophilidae) from Palaearctic fauna with description of new species

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1999
Authors:Zaitzev, A.I.
Journal:Zoologicheskii Zhurnal
Pagination:1080-1090, illustr.

Mycetophila signata group; PALAEARCTIC-REGION; Systematic review; RUSSIA-; New species ; &; new records; Mycetophila stricklandi; RUSSIA-; Moscow Region, Pavlovskaya Sloboda village; First record outside Nearctic region; * INSECTA-; ** DIPTERA-; *** NEMATOCERA-; **** MYCETOPHILIDAE-; Mycetophila blanda; Winnertz 1863; SYN-NOV; Mycetophila lucidithorax (Bukowsky 1934), p. 1085; **** MYCETOPHILIDAE-; Mycetophila diligens; SP-NOV; Russia, Sakhalin, Cape Kuznetsov; P.-1080,-fig; '; d; **** MYCETOPHILIDAE-; Mycetophila fasciata; (Plotnikova 1962); NEW-SYNONYM; Of Mycetophila signata Meigen 1830, p. 1085; **** MYCETOPHILIDAE-; Mycetophila impeccabilis; SP-NOV; Russia, Sakhalin, Cape Kuznetsov; P.-1082,-fig; '; d; **** MYCETOPHILIDAE-; Mycetophila lucidithorax; (Bukowsky 1934); NEW-SYNONYM; Of Mycetophila blanda Winnertz 1863, p. 1085; **** MYCETOPHILIDAE-; Mycetophila signata; Meigen 1830; SYN-NOV; Mycetophila fasciata (Plotnikova 1962), p. 1085; **** MYCETOPHILIDAE-; Mycetophila signata gr

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