MNHN collection updated

As I promised, Collection page of Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle has been updated. More than 120 species records were added and corrected. Unfortunately, I had very limited time in the collection, and could not check Mycetophilinae holdings and Duret's collection. Matile had taxonomic setup in the collection, and types (except Meigen's) are not kept separately. So, to find an original combination for primary types in case of such a messy group as Orfelini, for example is sometimes problematic without reference to descrition.

Yevgenyi Yakovlev suggested that we have to build a global catalogue for types of Sciaroidea. In ideal world we would just connect to Museum's holdings databases and render list of types in each depository in real time. Unfortunately, to my knowlegde, none of the institutions allows this, and some (like MNHN, for starter) do not even have a simple list for the most of the collection. Matile's old spreadsheet files were lost, I was told. 

 I think such a list would help immensely. We have to agree on the format and each time somebody visits collection he could check a part of it and correct the list online. In no time we can cover main collections, if do it together.

 As usual, comments to the page and suggestion through forums are  welcome

 Vladimir Blagoderov

Fri, 2007-06-29 11:47 -- Anonymous (not verified)
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