Notes on the anthecology of Pterostylis curta (Orchidaceae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1995
Authors:Bernhardt, P.

Field observations suggest that P. curta RBr. is pollinated by male fungus gnats in the genus Mycomya (Diptera; Mycetophilidae). The viscidium is deposited dorsally on the gnat's thorax. The labellum is self-motile and irritable. Manipulations of P. curta under controlled
temperatures show that the majority of labella reset and regained irritability (responsive to direct contact) two to three hours after they had been triggered the first time. Flowers of cultivated plants fail to self-pollinate. These three observations suggest that some populations of P. curta require crosspollination by insect vectors.

Refereed Designation:Unknown
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