A monograph of the genus Mycomya Rondani in the Holarctic region (Diptera, Mycetophilidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1984
Authors:Vaisanen, R.K.
Journal:Dissertation Abstracts International C European Abstracts

Mycetophiloidea ( Diptera ) : Classification , Dissertation , p. 1006, Mycetophilidae: New genus, Dissertation , p. 1006, Mycamya Rondani 1856 ( Mycetophilidae ) : New taxa, New subgenera, species and subspecies, dissertation , p. 1006, Mycomya andreinii ( Bezzi ) ( Mycetophilidae ) : New combination, Dissertation , p. 1007, Mycomyinae ( Mycetophilidae ) : Systematic relationships, Dissertation , p. 1006, Neoempheria insignis ( Winnertz ) ( Mycetophilidae ) : New combination, Dissertation , p. 1007, Diptera : Insecta, Mycetophilidae : Nematocera , Diptera , Insecta

Taxonomic name: 
Mycomyinae (Classification), Mycomya (Classification), Mycomya circumdata (Classification), Mycomya annulata (Classification), Mycomya bicolor (Classification), Mycomya bisulca (Classification), Mycomya brunnea (Classification), Mycomya cinerascens (Classification), Mycomya danielae (Classification), Mycomya denmax (Classification), Mycomya disa (Classification), Mycomya dziedzicki (Classification), Mycomya egregia (Classification), Mycomya flavicollis (Classification), Mycomya forestaria (Classification), Mycomya fuscata (Classification), Mycomya hackmani (Classification), Mycomya heydeni (Classification), Mycomya humida (Classification), Mycomya insignis (Classification), Mycomya lambi (Classification), Mycomya levis (Classification), Mycomya maculata (Classification), Mycomya marginata (Classification), Mycomya neohyalinata (Classification), Mycomya nigricornis (Classification), Mycomya nitida (Classification), Mycomya norna (Classification), Mycomya parva (Classification), Mycomya prominens (Classification), Mycomya ruficollis (Classification), Mycomya shermani (Classification), Mycomya sigma (Classification), Mycomya spinicoxa (Classification), Mycomya tenuis (Classification), Mycomya trivittata (Classification), Mycomya tumida (Classification), Mycomya vittiventris (Classification), Mycomya wankowiczii (Classification), Mycomya winnertzi winnertzi (Classification), Mycomya affinis (Classification), Mycomya confusa (Classification), Mycomya paradentata (Classification), Mycomya penicillata (Classification), Mycomya permixta permixta (Classification), Mycomya trilineata (Classification), Mycomya fimbriata (Classification), Mycomya griseovittata (Classification), Mycomya islandica (Classification), Mycomya notata (Classification)
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