Trauermücken (Diptera: Sciaridae) aus dem Nationalpark "Hainich"

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2006
Authors:Menzel, F., Heller K.
Journal:Studia dipterologica
Type of Article:article
Keywords:Diptera, Faunistics, Germany, National, Sciaridae, Taxonomy, Thuringia

535 specimens of Sciaridae were collected in the National Park `Hainich`.
61 species belonging to 15 genera were identified. One new species,
Scatopsciara andrei Menzel spec. nov., is described and illustrated.
In addition, 10 species are recorded for the first time from the
Federal State Thuringia. A check–list for Thuringia is given based
upon the new nomenclature and systematics by Menzel & Mohrig (2000)
and Menzel & Heller (2005). Bradysia signata (Winnertz, 1867) restit.
is recognised as a valid species and Bradysia bulbostyla Mohrig &
Menzel, 1990 syn. nov. is proposed as a new synonym. Re-examination
of the holotype of Corynoptera inundata Fritz, 1982 leads to a new
definition of that species, so that Corynoptera recurvispina Freeman,
1987 syn. nov. becomes a new synonym and a new name, Corynoptera
deserta Heller & Menzel nom. nov., is necessary for the secondary
homonym Corynoptera minutula (Bukowski & Lengersdorf, 1936). Trichosia
edwardsi (Lengersdorf, 1930) restit. becomes re-established as a
valid species and is distinguished from Trichosia morio (Fabricius,
1794) by various characteristics.

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