Untersuchungen zur Sciaridenfauna des innerstädtischen Auwaldgebietes

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1996
Authors:Metzner, K., Menzel F.
Journal:Studia dipterologica
Type of Article:article

The fauna of Sciaridae in the riverside forest "Burgaue" (Fraxino-Ulmetum)
near Leipzig was investigated between March and October 1993. The
continous observation of Sciaridae was achieved mainly by trapping
the flies in yellow trays. Further flies were collected by ordinary
fly nets, at night by using light traps, and by hand. In addition
soil samples were collected for breeding the flies. 51 species of
14 genera were found. Phenology and habitat preference were examined.
The distribution of the species was verified and corrected according
to published and current data. The influence of climate was shown
for selected species. A comparison of different trapping methods
shows that about 70 % of the species were caught by yellow trays.

The following species are recorded in distinct areas for the first
time: in Europe Bradysia subfungicola; in Central Europe Bradysia
subaprica, Bradysia subaffinis, Bradysia longistylia, Xylosciara
longiforceps and Corynoptera brevichaeta; in Germany Lycoriella cellaris
and Corynoptera spinifera. A checklist for Saxony comprises 83 species
in 16 genera. At present 20 % of the species occurring in Germany
were found in Saxony.

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