A taxonomic study on the Japanese species of the genus Sciara Meigen

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2004
Authors:Sutou, M., Ito, M.T., Menzel F.
Journal:Studia dipterologica
Type of Article:article

Eleven Japanese of black fungus gnats species are studied and eight
species of Sciara, including two new species S. pectilinealis Sutou
spec. nov., and S. kitakamiensis Sutou spec. nov., are described
and illustrated. Sciara hemerobioides (Scopoli, 1763), S. helvola
Winnertz, 1867 and S. multispinulosa Mohrig & Kozánek, 1992 are newly
recorded from Japan. New localities for S. thoracica Matsumura, 1916,
S. humeralis Zetterstedt, 1851 and S. melanostyla Mohrig & Krivosheina,
1990 are recorded. A previous locality for S. lackschewitzi Lengersdorf,
1934 is noted. The species name Sciara fagi Shinji, 1938 is treated
as nomen dubium. Lycoria japonica Enderlein, 1911 [cited in the literature
in Sciara] is transferred to the genus Bradysia Winnertz, 1867 (comb.

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