Ergänzende Meldungen zum Pilzmückenvorkommen im Nationalpark Hainich / Thüringen (Diptera Sciaroidea: Ditomyiidae, Bolitophilidae, Keroplatidae, Mycetophilidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2008
Authors:Plassmann, E.

In the national park Hainich in Thuringia/Germany 70 further species of fungus gnats were found. Four of them are new to the German list (Syntemna relicta LUNDSTROEM, 1912; Sciophila krysheni POLEVOI, 2001; Sciophila yakutica BLAGODEROV, 1992; Trichonta pulchra GAGNÉ, 1981). In all there are 264 species of fungus gnats known in the Hainich area.

Taxonomic name: 
Bolitophila tenella (Classification), Bolitophila dubia (Classification), Ditomyia macroptera (Classification), Coelosia truncata (Classification), Syntemna elegantia (Classification), Syntemna relicta (Classification), Syntemna setigera (Classification), Leia bilineata (Classification), Rondaniella dimidiata (Classification), Anatella minuta (Classification), Anatella simpatica (Classification), Brevicornu arcticum (Classification), Brevicornu sericoma (Classification), Cordyla bicornuta (Classification), Cordyla fasciata (Classification), Cordyla flaviceps (Classification), Cordyla murina (Classification), Cordyla nitidula (Classification), Cordyla pusilla (Classification), Dynatosoma reciprocum (Classification), Dynatosoma thoracicum (Classification), Mycetophila brevitarsata (Classification), Mycetophila confluens (Classification), Mycetophila czizeki (Classification), Mycetophila flavolineata (Classification), Mycetophila gibbula (Classification), Mycetophila mitis (Classification), Mycetophila perpallida (Classification), Mycetophila pictula (Classification), Mycetophila matsumurai (Classification), Mycetophila perpauca (Classification), Mycetophila strobli (Classification), Mycetophila uninotata (Classification), Mycetophila alea (Classification), Mycetophila assimilis (Classification), Mycetophila stylata (Classification), Mycetophila trinotata (Classification), Phronia biarcuata (Classification), Phronia braueri (Classification), Phronia flavicollis (Classification), Phronia nitidiventris (Classification), Phronia persimilis (Classification), Phronia tenuis (Classification), Platurocypta punctum (Classification), Platurocypta testata (Classification), Trichonta bezzii (Classification), Trichonta excisa (Classification), Trichonta icenica (Classification), Trichonta pulchra (Classification), Trichonta subfusca (Classification), Zygomyia humeralis (Classification), Zygomyia matilei (Classification), Zygomyia pseudohumeralis (Classification), Zygomyia vara (Classification), Mycomya pectinifera (Classification), Mycomya circumdata (Classification), Mycomya festivalis (Classification), Mycomya flavicollis (Classification), Mycomya neohyalinata (Classification), Mycomya prominens (Classification), Phthinia mira (Classification), Sciophila fenestella (Classification), Sciophila krysheni (Classification), Sciophila limbatella (Classification), Sciophila lutea (Classification), Sciophila yakutica (Classification)
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