Additions to the Norwegian fauna of fungus gnats (Diptera, Mycetophilidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2008
Authors:Søli, G., Kjærandsen J.
Journal:Norwegian Journal of Entomology

Fifty three species are reported new to Norway, and their distribution and biology are commented on. Among the new Norwegian species, Anatella alpina Plassmann, 1977 and Trichonta tristis (Strobl, 1898) are also new to the Nordic region. The total number of species of Mycetophilidae in Norway is thus increased to 575. The majority of the species added forms an extension of the boreal taiga fauna into Norway, including nine more or less mountainous species, while only three species display a southern nemoral to boreonemoral distribution.

Taxonomic name: 
Mycetophilidae (Classification), Gnoristinae (Classification), Sciophilinae (Classification), Boletina (Classification), Katatopygia sahlbergi (Classification), Boletina atridentata (Classification), Boletina cordata (Classification), Boletina hedstroemi (Classification), Boletina nitiduloides (Classification), Leiinae (Classification), Greenomyia (Classification), Greenomyia stackelbergi (Classification), Mycetophilinae (Classification), Exechiini (Classification), Allodia (Classification), Allodia Brachycampta (Classification), Allodia grata (Classification), Allodia protenta (Classification), Anatella (Classification), Anatella alpina (Classification), Anatella bremia (Classification), Anatella emergens (Classification), Anatella novata (Classification), Brevicornu (Classification), Stigmatomeria (Classification), Brevicornu beatum (Classification), Brevicornu bellum (Classification), Exechia (Classification), Exechia bicincta (Classification), Pseudexechia canalicula (Classification), Exechia chandleri (Classification), Exechia micans (Classification), Exechia pseudofestiva (Classification), Exechia styriaca (Classification), Exechia unifasciata (Classification), Exechiopsis (Classification), Exechiopsis Exechiopsis (Classification), Exechiopsis dumitrescae (Classification), Exechiopsis patula (Classification), Exechiopsis Xenexechia (Classification), Exechiopsis stylata (Classification), Notolopha (Classification), Notolopha sibirica (Classification), Notolopha brachycera (Classification), Pseudexechia (Classification), Rymosia (Classification), Rymosia acta (Classification), Rymosia armata (Classification), Rymosia istrae (Classification), Rymosia setiger (Classification), Synplasta (Classification), Synplasta pseudingeniosa (Classification), Mycetophilini (Classification), Cordyla (Classification), Cordyla nitidula (Classification), Mycetophila (Classification), Mycetophila boreocruciator (Classification), Mycetophila cingulum (Classification), Mycetophila haruspica (Classification), Mycetophila lunata (Classification), Mycetophila morosa (Classification), Mycetophila pseudoforcipata (Classification), Mycetophila sublunata (Classification), Phronia (Classification), Phronia electa (Classification), Phronia forcipula (Classification), Phronia sudetica (Classification), Sceptonia (Classification), Sceptonia longisetosa (Classification), Trichonta (Classification), Trichonta tristis (Classification), Mycomyinae (Classification), Mycomya (Classification), Mycomya Cymomya (Classification), Mycomya circumdata (Classification), Mycomya Mycomya (Classification), Mycomya digitifera (Classification), Mycomya fuscata (Classification), Mycomya heydeni (Classification), Mycomya hians (Classification), Mycomya Mycomyopsis (Classification), Mycomya fennica (Classification), Sciophila (Classification), Sciophila varia (Classification), Stigmatomeria obscura (Classification), Anatella maritima (Classification)
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