A new subgenus and five new species of Australian Glow-worms (Diptera: Keroplatidae: Arachnocampa)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2010
Authors:Baker, C.H.
Journal:Memoirs of the Queensland Museum — Nature
Keywords:Arachnocampa, Campara, glow-worm, Keroplatidae, Lucifera, rainforest, threatened species, troglophile

A new subgenus, Arachnocampa (Lucifera) subgen. nov., is described to include the Tasmanian species, Arachnocampa tasmaniensis Ferguson and the Mount Buffalo glow-worm, Arachnocampa buffaloensis sp. nov. The new subgenus is separated from the subgenera Arachnocampa (Arachnocampa) and Arachnocampa (Campara) by differences in wing venation. The subgenus Arachnocampa now includes only the New Zealand species A. luminosa (Skuse) which differs from species of Lucifera and Campara by its unusual method of vertical pupal suspension. The Australian species A. tasmaniensis, A. flava Harrison and A. richardsae Harrison are redescribed. Five new species are described: A. buffaloensis sp. nov. (Victoria) within the subgenus Lucifera; and A. tropica sp. nov. (north Queensland), A. gippslandensis sp. nov. (eastern Victoria), A. otwayensis sp. nov. (western Victoria) and A. girraweenensis sp. nov. (southeast Queensland/northern New South Wales) within the subgenus Campara.

Refereed Designation:Refereed
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