New data on the fungus gnats (Diptera: Bolitophilidae, Keroplatidae, Mycetophilidae) of the Taimyr Peninsula with a description of two new species of the genus Boletina Staeger

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2020
Authors:Polevoi, A.V., Maximova, Y.V., E. Subbotina Y.
Journal:Russian Entomological Journal
Pagination:315 - 326
Date Published:Jan-12-2020

New data on the fungus gnats fauna of the Taimyr Peninsula (Russia) are presented. Seventy-two species of the families Bolitophilidae, Keroplatidae and Mycetophilidae are reported, 65 of which are new for the area. Five species are newly recorded from Russia and two species — from the Palaearctic region. Two new species: Boletina rodentistyla Polevoi, sp.n. and Boletina pyasina Maximova et Subbotina, sp.n. are described.

Short Title:R.E.J.
Taxonomic name: 
Bolitophila cinerea (Classification), Bolitophila hybrida (Classification), Bolitophila rossica (Classification), Urytalpa nigrita (Classification), Boletina arctica (Classification), Boletina birulai (Classification), Boletina borealis (Classification), Boletina dubia (Classification), Boletina gripha (Classification), Boletina hyperborea (Classification), Boletina hedstroemi (Classification), Boletina onegensis (Classification), Boletina palmata (Classification), Boletina pyasina (Classification), Boletina rodentistyla (Classification), Boletina sciarina (Classification), Boletina tiroliensis (Classification), Coelosia tundrica (Classification), Katatopygia erythropyga (Classification), Allodia embla (Classification), Allodia septentrionalis (Classification), Allodia tuomikoskii (Classification), Allodia subpistillata (Classification), Anatella ciliata (Classification), Brevicornu griseolum (Classification), Brevicornu cognatum (Classification), Brevicornu proximum (Classification), Brevicornu auriculatum (Classification), Brevicornu bipartitum (Classification), Brevicornu arcticoides (Classification), Cordyla fusca (Classification), Cordyla murina (Classification), Cordyla semiflava (Classification), Exechia cincta (Classification), Exechia frigida (Classification), Exechia macula (Classification), Exechia micans (Classification), Exechia parvula (Classification), Exechia pseudofestiva (Classification), Exechia separata (Classification), Exechia similis (Classification), Exechia spinigera (Classification), Exechia spinuligera (Classification), Exechia unimaculata (Classification), Rymosia coulsoni (Classification), Rymosia sagulata (Classification), Rymosia speyae (Classification), Tarnania tarnanii (Classification), Mycetophila boreocruciator (Classification), Mycetophila luctuosa (Classification), Mycetophila evanida (Classification), Mycetophila ichneumonea (Classification), Mycetophila strobli (Classification), Mycetophila subsigillata (Classification), Mycetophila sordida (Classification), Phronia egregia (Classification), Sceptonia demeijerei (Classification), Sceptonia fumipes (Classification), Trichonta venosa (Classification), Zygomyia pseudohumeralis (Classification), Mycomya fornicata (Classification), Mycomya humida (Classification), Mycomya neohyalinata (Classification), Mycomya denmax (Classification), Mycomya islandica (Classification), Acnemia angusta (Classification), Acnemia falcata (Classification), Sciophila fuliginosa (Classification), Sciophila hirta (Classification), Sciophila longua (Classification), Sciophila vakulenkoi (Classification)
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