Catalogue of the Bolitophilidae and Diadocidiidae of the World (Insecta: Diptera)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2011
Authors:Bechev, D., Chandler P.J.
Keywords:catalogue, Diptera, distribution, Synonymy

The catalogue includes all available and unavailable names that apply to the recent and fossil members of the families
Bolitophilidae and Diadocidiidae occurring in the world. Taxonomic references given after each name pertain to the
original description with author, year and pages; type locality; type depository and chronological list of synonyms.
Complete distributional information from the literature is listed for each species. A total of 81 species-group names in 2 genera are listed for Bolitophilidae, of which 65 are taxonomically valid. For Diadocidiidae, 31 species-group names in 2 genera are listed, of which 26 are taxonomically valid. The following taxonomic changes are made: Bolitophila pulveris Lewis, 1969 is removed from Bolitophilidae, Palaeodocidia Sasakawa, 2004 is treated as syn. nov. of Diadocidia Ruthe, 1831, Diadocidia bifurcata Fedotova & Perkovsky, 2004 is removed from Diadocidiidae and transferred to Cecidomyiidae.

Refereed Designation:Refereed
Taxonomic name: 
Bolitophilidae (Classification), Bolitophila (Classification), Bolitophila Bolitophila (Classification), Bolitophila antennata (Classification), Bolitophila atlantica (Classification), Bolitophila austriaca (Classification), Bolitophila basicornis (Classification), Bolitophila bucera (Classification), Bolitophila caspersi (Classification), Bolitophila cinerea (Classification), Bolitophila collarti (Classification), Bolitophila cooremani (Classification), Bolitophila dubiosa (Classification), Bolitophila dupla (Classification), Bolitophila japonica (Classification), Bolitophila lengersdorfi (Classification), Bolitophila leruthi (Classification), Bolitophila miki (Classification), Bolitophila patulosa (Classification), Bolitophila perlata (Classification), Bolitophila raca (Classification), Bolitophila saundersii (Classification), Bolitophila simplex (Classification), Bolitophila spinigera (Classification), Bolitophila tenella (Classification), Bolitophila Cliopisa (Classification), Bolitophila acuta (Classification), Bolitophila alberta (Classification), Bolitophila aperta (Classification), Bolitophila bilobata (Classification), Bolitophila bimaculata (Classification), Bolitophila bispinosa (Classification), Bolitophila clavata (Classification), Bolitophila connectans (Classification), Bolitophila distus (Classification), Bolitophila dubia (Classification), Bolitophila edwardsiana (Classification), Bolitophila fumida (Classification), Bolitophila glabrata (Classification), Bolitophila glabratella (Classification), Bolitophila hybrida (Classification), Bolitophila ingrica (Classification), Bolitophila latipes (Classification), Bolitophila limitis (Classification), Bolitophila luteola (Classification), Bolitophila maculipennis (Classification), Bolitophila melanoleuci (Classification), Bolitophila modesta (Classification), Bolitophila montana (Classification), Bolitophila nigrolineata (Classification), Bolitophila obscurior (Classification), Bolitophila occlusa (Classification), Bolitophila pseudohybrida (Classification), Bolitophila rectangulata (Classification), Bolitophila recurva (Classification), Bolitophila rossica (Classification), Bolitophila scherfi (Classification), Bolitophila spelaeicola (Classification), Bolitophila subteresa (Classification), Bolitophila subbimaculata (Classification), Bolitophila taihybrida (Classification), Bolitophila nana (Classification), Bolitophila pulveris (Classification), Diadocidiidae (Classification), Bolitophila doerrsteini (Classification), Bolitophila tarsata (Classification), Bolitophila curviseta (Classification), Bolitophila incisa (Classification), Bolitophila palustris (Classification), Bolitophila tarsatiformis (Classification), Bolitophila tungusica (Classification), Bolitophila sibirica (Classification)
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